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Organization chart

To contact the right persons, download the organization chart in the "Organization" tab !

Race notice

The race notice and the register form are in "The race" !

Tip and 'Bon Plan'

The plan here is Douarnenez....For more information, visite the website of the Office de Tourisme.

Order Map and Fittings

You can order maps (list at end of list of equipment required), kits and chandlery through our partner Iroise Accastillage Diffusion in Douarnenez:

Iroise Accastillage Diffusion (Dépositaire du SHOM) - Port de Plaisance - Place Victor ...

Sail and Fittings

Quantum France Agent and specialist racing sails, Racing Voiles our partner, at the marina of Tréboul is available for orders of new sails and sail all work.

RACING VOILES - Port de Plaisance - Place ...

Other short news

Winches Club Douarnenez - Maison du Nautisme - 29100 Douarnenez - Tel : (33)2 98 74 38 05/(33)6 64 78 38 05 -
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